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Last night, Beyonce shocked the world when she dropped her self-titled fifth album, without any kind of promo. The Internet went nuts.

Beyonce was released as a visual album, retailing for $15.99 as an exclusive iTunes release. There are no official numbers out yet, but the folks at Billboard say that the album is moving swiftly.

An unnamed source tells Billboard that Beyonce has sold 80,000 copies in three hours, which is just insane.

Billboard says it’s too early to track complete numbers, but here’s a few interesting tidbits: Garth Brooks’ Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades Of Influences was projected to be the number one album with sales around the 160,000 mark.

Bey is already at half.

And the other notable thing? 4, her last album, sold around 310,000 copies in its first week. At this current pace, she should surpass that album.

The Queen is back!

SOURCE: Billboard