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Oh Snap! North Korea’s Lil Kim Jong-Un has gone hardcore for real! It has been reported to the western world that Jong-Un had his uncle Jang Song Thaek executed yesterday for acts of treachery. Talk about, ‘I am my brothers keeper?’, Jang Song was labeled in the Pyongyang media to be ‘worse than a dog’ for allegedly trying to steal power, corruption, gambling and womanizing; something we’ve never seen before in US politics…

It was a surprising move as Jang was not just seen as Jong-Un’s uncle but also as a mentor and was second in charge to the young ruler Jong-Un in the notorious North. But just days ago and abruptly, Jang was removed in handcuffs from a government proceeding and was immediately locked up. Whoa… Between the nuclear missile tests and his political ‘Kiss My Ass’ doctrine to the rest of the world, its safe to say Kim Jong-Un is not on many Christmas card lists this year. It is also being reported that several of Jang Song aides got murked in an all out attempt to clean house.

Some believe that this is the young North Korean leader’s attempt to solidify his own power base by eliminating ‘the old guard’ that was loyal to his father, the late Kim Jong Il. To me though, it looks like the classic mafia style rub out or a scene taken out of Julius Cesar. This isn’t the first time Kim Jong-Un has played the role of the ghostface killer.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Jong-Un had his ex-girl, Hyong Song-wol and some of her band mates murked by a firing squad for allegedly making a porn tape. The alleged video was really just Song-wol dancing with her back up dancers western style to western music which obviously doesn’t cut it in North Korea. But, but, but, but wait it get’s worse! Kim Jong-Un forced the families of the doomed to watch their executions and then sent them to prison! Wow…

I’m not sure what Dennis Rodman hopes to accomplish on his next visit to North Korea. Hopefully he has his life insurance policy in order. This guy Kim Jong-Un clearly has read The Art of War several times and probably watches wordstarhiphop daily.  Jong-Un could easily black out on Rodman and send him back in a retro Jordan 3 sneaker box without the nose and lips rings.

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