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Amber Rose is sitting on top of the world right now, but that’s never stopped her from being the down-to-earth Philly girl we all know and love.

Sebastian’s sexy momma caught up with one of her idols, Slash, at his concert over the weekend and completely stanned out. She didn’t do the Jaden Smith face, but when she posted the picture up above, she wrote on Instagram:

“I saw my Idol @slashonline again tonight for the 3rd time! I didn’t cry like a crazy stalker tonight but my heart was beating outta my chest. He’s such a soft spoken gentleman. It’s great to meet Super famous ppl that are down to earth, loving and about their family. What a great night! Dreams do come true! 😊”

Wiz joined his wife for the concert and it appears he enjoyed the festivities almost as much as his wife did. Check out some up close and personal footage of Slash going H.A.M during a guitar solo for all his fans via Amber’s footage below.


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