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I managed to escape New York City before Hercules unleashed his cold snowy grip on the Big Apple.

So as I write this I am not sipping hot cocoa in a sweater and mittens, but I am writing this overlooking the Hollywood Hills considering going outside in my camo shorts to eat Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles after I try to get one of my Los Angeles friends to score some medical weed. I don’t smoke but New Year, new me right?

But as I search the Facebook Status updates and my twitter timeline I am just seeing a bunch of miserable people complaining about how managers, who look like Deebo, are still asking them to come into work, and how it’s colder than the Abominable Snowman’s armpit hairs.

Hey I am not trying to judge the people effected by Hercules if I was back home I would be covered in snow and complaining as well. Side note: Why are they naming snow storms now? We are not trying to be friends I don’t need to know this storms name. Just saying.

Still from sunny and warm California I am learning to appreciate things a little more. So I started scanning through the 250k pictures people uploaded to Instagram and I came up with several moments that will make you realize that this snow storm created a bunch of epic memories that will warm your hearts until the snow melts.

Moments From A Blizzard Named Hercules
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