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Lena Dunham does not play with talent!

The Girls front woman clearly works hard to help make episodes of her hit show perfect, so she definitely doesn’t appreciate those who plagiarize anything to get ahead.

Shia LaBeouf has been under fire lately, after he hired sky writers to write his apology for his recent plagiarizing controversy, in the clouds, and Lena was one of the first in line to express her displease.

She took to Twitter to say take a shot at Shia and his recent antics:

Shia quickly retweeted her tweet, and then wrote in response:

Strangely enough, Shia revealed that he has an addiction to lean, but wrote it almost the same way Gucci Mane did when he admitted to his problem in 2012:

Lena responded:

At least Lena can still keep her humor in there, despite any ill feelings she has towards Shia!

The exchange between two comes on the heels of two weeks worth of apologetic tweets from the 27-year-old actor, off  his decision to take to the sky—literally—to express his remorse on Jan 1st.


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