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Bright red, white and orange balloons were released in the air for 27-year-old Kayo Redd over the weekend.

The younger brother of Waka Flocka Flame died on December 20, after an apparent suicide.

According to the AJC, the rapper was laid to rest in Conley, Ga. while his music played throughout the service. Attendees were asked not to wear black by Waka Flocka and mother/manager Debra Antney.

The crowd literally shut down several streets as they walked in a procession behind a horse-drawn carriage carrying the body of Kayo, who died of an apparent suicide.

As Antney walked down the street with her son’s casket,  she released white doves in honor of her son saying “You’ll always be my baby.” Antney lost her other son in a shooting in 2000.

Waka tweeted about his loss and spread love through the web about his little brother.

We continue to pray for Waka and his family during this difficult time.