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Gun control hit a bump in the road in the city of Chicago when a federal judge ruled Monday that the ban on the sale of handguns is unconstitutional. Although he wants to implement new gun control reform, U.S. District Court Judge Edmond E. Chang said the municipal ordinance goes “too far.” Chicago currently prohibits the sale of handguns within city limits. [ChicagoSunTimes]

Put down the pills! Much to the chagrin of medical business leaders, mediation is said to relive depression as much as a prescription drug can. A new study involving 3,500 people found that meditation alleviated many of the symptoms of depression as well as relieved anxiety, pain and stress. Read about it here… [DailyMail]

The most powerful woman in American history has been named. Janet Yellen, President Barack Obama’s nominee for chair to the Federal Reserve, was confirmed by the Senate on Monday as the first female chairwoman in the Reserve’s hundred year history. Congratulations! [BusinessInsider]

A man driving drunk is behind bars today after he collided into a Chicago highway guardrail, sending his 4-year-old son through the back window. Sadly, Franklin Johnson didn’t even notice his son was ejected from the vehicle. He noticed the hole in the window when he stopped at a local gas station, and upon returning to the scene to retrieve his son, the police were already there. His son, also named Franklin Jackson, was seated in the middle seat and had not been wearing a seatbelt. Paramedics were unable to revive him. [Gawker]

A hard-to-watch, terribly disappointing and disheartening video of individuals telling a black toddler to use expletives was used by the Omaha Police Officers Association as an example of the “thug cycle.” Yep, they basically implied that this toddler, not yet out of diapers, might not ever be a productive member of society because of his “thuggish behavior.” Watch it here… [OmahaPAO]

Dennis Rodman is serious about his friendships. Especially the one with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. During a morning interview with CNN, he angrily defended his decision to take a basketball team to the country to perform for Kim in light of the country’s recent events. “You know, you’ve got 10 guys here, 10 guys here, they’ve left their families, they’ve left their damn families, to help this country, as in a sports venture. That’s 10 guys, all these guys here, do anyone understand that? Christmas, New Year’s. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the hell you think. I’m saying to you, look at these guys here, look at them … they dared to do one thing, they came here.” Yikes. Watch his meltdown here…[CNN]