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So this happened.

An Indiana man is in jail on a $1 million bond after police found him with 50 bombs and four guns. His intent, however, is unknown.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, of Morris Hill, Ind. was charged with one count of illegal manufacture or processing explosives, a felony of the second degree. His preliminary hearing is set for Friday, Jan 10.

According to the Madison Press:

Boguslawski was stopped by troopers about 11:41 p.m., Jan. 1, on I-70 in Madison County. According to court documents he was stopped by Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper William Davis allegedly driving 85 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone.

“He asked the driver if there was any weapons in the vehicle,” said Adkins.

The prosecutor said the trooper was prompted to ask about weapons because of several bumper stickers on Boguslawski’s car —specifically a sticker warning “If you can read this, you’re in range.”

Boguslawski told the trooper there were no guns in the vehicle. Davis went to write the man a ticket and when he returned to the car, he noticed the handle of a gun between the man’s knees.

“At that point, he drew his service weapon, held the man there and called for backup,” said Adkins.

When additional police arrived, Boguslawski was taken from the vehicle and his car was searched. That’s when police happened upon his stash — four guns (two pistols and two rifles) as well as 48 explosive devices and tools and materials to make additional explosives.

“Most concerning to me was that they found a remote detonating device,” said Adkins.

He added, “The majority of the devices, I would not classify as high tech, but some of the devices were set up to be activated with the remote detonator.”

Investigators are still trying to determine what the suspect had planned.

 “I think there is a significant risk to the public,” said Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins, explaining the million dollar bond. “Until we can sort through the facts of this case and what we have here and what his intent was, it is necessary to keep the public safe.”

Uh, ya think!?

SOURCE: Madison Press | PHOTO CREDIT: Police Department

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