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Chris Brown isn’t going down like that.

The singer rejected a plea deal in his Washington D.C. assault case that stemmed from an altercation with a guy outside of his hotel in October. That means Breezy will be going to trial.

According to TMZ:

The prosecutor revealed in court they had offered Brown a deal — reducing the charge to simple assault (he currently faces misdemeanor assault which carries a more severe penalty), but Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos — who was also in court — rejected it … and we think we know why.

Law enforcement sources tell us … they had combed the area looking for surveillance video capturing the run-in.  For a long, long time they said they had nothing.  Now they seem to be singing a different tune, but haven’t turned the video over to Geragos.

Geragos — who believes his client did nothing wrong — is eager to see the video before cutting any kind of deal.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest.

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