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Back in mid December, Bronx rapper French Montana introduced the world to the latest member of Coke Boys: Julius Ceasor.

Julius Ceasor doesn’t rap. Julius Ceasor is a monkey (which would explain his absence on Coke Boys 4).

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen French and Julius’ relationship sprout into something special. He feeds him, changes his diaper, lets him fly on his private jet and when’s he gone, French becomes noticeably depressed:

French even talked to Complex about Julius Ceasor. He really likes this monkey, even going so far as to say that he’s like his “son” and that “he sleeps in the bed.”

In the interview, French also mentions Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s famous primate pal.

Bubbles is the most famous monkey of all time. Julius is now also on that exclusive list. But who else makes it? Scroll through our gallery to see some of the most notable monkeys of all time.

SOURCE: Complex

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