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Um… this is strange.

Philadelphia police have launched an internal investigation after a teenager allegedly suffered a ruptured testicle during a pat-down from a policewoman.

The teen, Darrin Manning, was with a group of teammates on their way to an after-school basketball game when he was stopped by police officers. The 16 year old says he was handcuffed and patted down by a female police officer, who grabbed and pulled his genitals which caused him to have to go in for emergency surgery the following day.

Manning, who happens to be a straight-A student at Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School says:

‘I didn’t deserve to be wrongly stopped. They didn’t – they didn’t tell me what I did,’

He told Fox 29:

‘She patted me down again, and then I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it pop,’


He adds:

“I had the ‘cuffs on. And she patted me down, and that’s when I felt her grab and squeeze. And then she pulled down, and I yelled out,”

Police could not comment on the case because there is now an internal investigation.