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We may think Justin Bieber’s gotten himself into a world of trouble, but the Biebs is chillin’ – in Miami, Aspen, and Cuba, to be exact.

After heading out to Aspen for a snowboarding getaway with his crew, Justin hit Miami’s Mansion nightclub on Monday with friends Lil Za, Khalil, and DJ Mauricio and we hear things got pretty turnt up. E! News reports:

“He was sitting at a table with Khalil, Lil Za, and DJ Mauricio,” the source says of the group, who arrived to Mansion around 2:30 a.m. and stayed for an hour. “They were having a really good time, they were jumping on the couches. Lil Za took off his shirt and then was asked to put it back on.”

With plenty of water and Red Bull for his table, Justin partied the night away with his friends and a few women who joined him, and soon moved the party over to the infamous King Of Diamonds strip club. The source continued:

“‘Justin’s security was very diligent. They did not allow people to take pictures of him.’ The Biebs left Mansion around 3:30 with his new lady friends and headed over to Miami’s King of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club with his entourage. ‘He left to King of Diamonds with a group of three girls whose cell phones got taken away by his security before they left with Bieber.'”

All of this partying comes at a time when the “Slow Up” singer is in the news for an egg-throwing incident that led to cops allegedly finding drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house – leading to Lil Za’s arrest. Though previous reports have informed the public that Justin’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez was there during the egg incident, Gossip Cop has confirmed the following:

“Selena was not at Justin’s house, and in fact, was not even in town.”

E! News has also confirmed that alleged sexts and nude photos sent between the pair in the heat of an argument never happened:

Those texts never occurred between the two of them.

Bieber was worried the cops would find some suspect stuff after they confiscated his cell phone following the raid on his house. However, apparently police haven’t even figured out the password to Justin Bieber’s confiscated cell phone as of yet. TMZ explains:

Law enforcement sources tell us … during the raid on Bieber’s home, a member of the Sheriff’s Department asked the singer if they could take a look at the texts … to see if he bragged about the egging of his neighbor’s home.  We’re told he immediately shut them down… Our sources say the Sheriff’s officials now think they may have to get another search warrant — this time from Bieber’s phone carrier — to get the elusive texts.

Meanwhile, Justin took a page out of Jay Z’s book and hit up Cuba to smoke a Cuban, posting the above picture, while captioning it:

I’m in Cuba I love Cubans.

We hear you, Bieber.

SOURCE: E! News, Gossip Cop, TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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