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If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist a good ol’ sing-along at the top of your lungs to Kelis“Caught Out There,” complete with the hair-whipping and intense squints. OK, I may be alone on that one, but if we can all agree on one thing, it’s going to be this: Kelis is pretty damn bossy.

Since the Harlem-born artist exploded onto the scene, she continuously rocked shit that would later become mainstream. That glorious golden ‘fro dipped in rainbow colors was a standout in an era before the “natural movement” (quotes are used with irony) and the dark lips and facial piercings previously reserved for the punk rock scene have now become something seen on fashion runways internationally. 

While she’s experienced much musical success on the European market, the woman who married hip-hop royal Nas in a now infamous green wedding dress is making her way back home with a new album. Perfectly named after something we all love, Food, the album is sure to be the resurgence of Kelis’ appearance. While the good music will come, what we’re more excited about is seeing Kelis and her outfits that always color outside the lines.

She’s the daughter of a fashion designer and a jazz musician, so should we expect anything other than the perfect blend of music and carefully curated over the top fashion from the songstress? I will happily say no.

Need a refresher on why she’s so damn badass? Check out some of Kelis’ looks in the gallery below, but before you go…here’s a little bossy shoulder shimmy for the ride.

Kelis’ Bossy Style Moments (PHOTOS)
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