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Can you believe Oprah is about to be 60 already?

The famous talk show host is getting ready to celebrate her big milestone birthday, and she is doing it in the healthiest way possible!

Oprah posted a video to her Instagram of herself at a SoulCycle class with some lucky fellow gym rats, and she looked great as she yelled “Ride, baby, ride!” to the camera.

The trendy spinning class is 45 minutes long, and is geared to working out the full body, as well as burn tons of fat.

She even brought in some multi-colored macaroons for some of the class participants as an after-class treat. Too bad it’s not a bunch of cars!

Oprah has revealed her battle with her weight over the years, and at the 60th mark in her life, it’s incredible that she’s still staying fit.

Check out the awesome video of Oprah at SoulCycle above!


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