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Beyonce has received her fair share of shade from other artists over the years but has she ever thrown shade herself?

In a throwback video of a Destiny’s Child interview that resurfaced on Vine last month, it appears as though Queen Bey is throwing some shade at Kelly Rowland.

LeToya Luckett recently sat down with MTV where she got the chance to address the old video that shows Bey coughing and rolling her eyes as Kelly calls herself the “second lead vocalist of the group.”

She put the talk of shade to rest as she revealed to them:

People are making it out to be something that it was not. So, I suddenly start getting texts on a particular day as soon as it surfaced and they were like, ‘Your face.’ And I was like, ‘What face? What are you talking about?’ And so I went and I looked and I died laughing because I don’t know where that even came from [or] why we were looking like that. Everybody is like, ‘Shade for Beyoncé’s cough,’ What if the girl had to cough? What if she was having like, an issue? It seemed like shade was being thrown, but I don’t remember throwing the shade.

She also talked about exactly what Kelly was saying, and how it definitely seems to be the truth:

[What Kelly said] was the truth, we really would sit there and everybody knew their role. It was a real team, like, we were team players. B was first lead; Kelly was second lead; I was soprano; Tavia was the alto and she was the spokesperson. Everybody knew their lane so no one ever stepped in anyone else’s lane. That’s how every team should work.

Well, we guess that’s that! Even if Bey was throwing shade back in the day, she’s definitely grown up into an encouraging, loving woman since, so let’s let it go people.

Check out the video everyone is talking about below!