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So it’s back on?

Another boxing promoter is determined to develop the George Zimmerman fight – without DMX. FilmOn’s Alki David is currently planning a new match for Zimmerman with another opponent.

The streaming service reportedly is working on obtaining the rights to a Zimmerman fight, according to FilmOn owner Alki David reportedly says the planned new match, which won’t feature the rapper, will be bloodier and more fierce than the other event would have been.

It was previously reported that the match’s original promoter Damon Feldman called off the fight over the weekend. The new promoter, who has not yet officially acquired the rights to the match, is planning something quite different.

FilmOn says it’s gonna give the public what it wants — blood — and tells us DMX is out as the challenger because “much bigger names than DMX” want in.

The owner of FilmOn, Alki David, tells TMZ … the fight will no longer be a celebrity boxing match… “this is going to be like Fight Club … a very bloody event.”  Alki says the fight will happen March 15 from a secret location … and all profits will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty