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Need more proof Hollywood is fake?

Look no further than the video above, captured by a KTLA photographer in Los Angeles, of Darth Vader and Superman looking on as a man brazenly smashes the windows of a police cruiser and steals a laptop from the front passenger seat.

So much for saving the day, Superman.

“It’s not my job to jump in the middle,” Superman told KTLA photographer Victor Vargas, who happened to be filming nearby.

In fact, the only person showing bravery that day was Vargas. He filmed the whole thing as it unfolded across the street from the El Capitan Theatre, where costumed characters often gather to pose for pictures in exchange for tips.

Vargas says in the video that he paused only to call police, then continued to film. He showed nerves of steel when, at one point, the alleged robber appeared to stare him down.

“He looks over at me, and that’s where I really got nervous,” Vargas says in the video.

But the intrepid journalist kept filming.

No worries, Vargas wasn’t hurt at the scene of the crime. Police can be seen taking the unidentified man down, right on Susan Lucci’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s unclear what he’s been charged with, but we’re going to smartly guess theft is in there somewhere.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO SOURCE: News, Inc.

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