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Valentine’s Day is two days from now. We’re not sure what you and your bae are doing, but whatever it is, there should be some kind of soundtrack involved.

You need a recommendation? Try this bombass Valentine’s Day mixtape from our girl DJ Ms. Nix, called Idyll Awhile.

Speaking on the mixtape, Ms. Nix says:

“I’ve been toying with the idea of a lovers mix for some time now, but always seemed to get caught in the matrix of too many great choices. Then a couple weeks ago on a particularly gray ‘indoor play’ kinda day, I was inspired to record a set that just felt sensual and natural; with a beginning, middle and end…the stuff any good lovin’ interlude is made of.”

Here’s a tracklist of the songs featured on the mix, which is over an hour long:

If you fuck with the mix, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Ms_Nix