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The idea of there being gay or bisexual rappers in the Hip-Hop community definitely scares a lot of people, but there are also many people who would like to see it accepted and Rick Ross seems to be one of them.

T-Pain recently spoke out and criticized artists for not wanting to work with Frank Ocean after he revealed he was once in a relationship with a man at age 19.

& Now, Rick Ross is also speaking out on the idea of homosexuality and the LGBT community being accepted in the Hip-Hop world. He told The Huffington Post:

“You can’t tell nobody which direction to take their art. That’s the beauty of being creative in this thing we call art.”

Once he was made aware of T-Pain’s statement, Rick ross responded:

 “I feel your personal life is your personal life. In my personal life, you do whatever you do. That’s your business.”

More people should get in line with this kind of thinking. Let us know how you feel about Rick Ross’ comments below.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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