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It’s going to be a loooong season of Basketball Wives: LA.

The drama started early on this season when all the girls met up to discuss an idea Jackie was working on, but it was clear from the jump that some of these ladies didn’t plan on playing nice.

Cnikky caught up with castmates Sundy Carter, Jackie Christie, and Brittish Williams for an exclusive chat that turned into trash talk! Cnikky had the ladies playing a fun little game of “ballin or busted,” which quickly changed into a Draya bash session.

Although Brittish tried to keep it real, showing Dray a lil’ love, Jackie and Sundy went straight to hate, with Jackie calling Draya BUSTED fast, and Sundy elaborating on why she thinks Draya fits into the busted category:

“I feel like she’s faking it until she makes it because everything she does is just so, not authentic.  It’s just not real.  You know, she portrays things like, you’re the ambassador of this that and the third, when you’re not even getting a check…I know the ambassador for these companies you understand what I’m saying?

You don’t get a check for that.  Um, so until you do, I need you to post your pay stub and show me.  Show me, show me the money!  You know?  So, I feel like BUSTED.  Because I don’t knock anybody’s hustle either.

You know, I get the fact that she’s an ex-stripper and you know she had to be on all fours and beg for ones and that sort of thing.  But, moving right along in her faking it until she makes it and coming into the season of Basketball Wives,  and how she came on which I believe as and actress?

Which never went anywhere.  But, um I don’t know where that storyline went?  But, um that’s another thing.  A fake it till you make it type situation.  So, it’s kinda of like, it’s a busted situation all around the board.  I mean, I don’t condone living off of other men and you know that sort of thing.  I just don’t know?

I’m gonna leave it right there because I don’t want to sound like a hater because I don’t want to knock anybody’s hustle.  If that’s your hustle to live off your man, do that.  But, I would prefer to get my own. “

We can only imagine what happens this season that led to this much shade.

Watch the full video above to catch everything the ladies had to say.


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