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The Sky Valley Chronicle reports that the teens who are suspected for the crime took the idea from the movie Inglorious Bastards, and spent an evening planning out the attack.

Three teens in Portland, Oregon have been accused of luring their classmate, Dustyn Murrain, into a shed, hitting him over the head with a crowbar, shooting him with a BB gun, and then using a box cutter to carve a swastika into his forehead.

The three suspects – Jenna Montgomery (15), Blue Christian Kalmbach (15), and Jess Taylor (17) – have been charged as adults with kidnapping, robbery, assault, and menacing and are being held on nearly $3 million bail each.

CNN reports:

“A 14-year-old, also accused of taking part, will be tried as a juvenile. According to court documents, Montgomery told police detectives that she was the ‘bait’ to lure the 16-year-old victim, Dustyn Murrain, to the shed where the alleged assault took place. The teens were after the victim’s skateboard and cash, according to a probable cause affidavit. All of them are students at David Douglas High School.”

The report goes on to discuss the victim’s scar:

“It’s not clear whether the wound on Dustyn’s forehead will scar. Kelli Murrain said her son will wear a silicon patch there to help with the healing.”

Kelli Murrain, the victim’s mom, also had this to say:

“There is no understanding what they did. Roll it around in your head and you just go, ‘Oh my God.’ For the grace of God I could have lost my youngest son.’ He’s been severely traumatized not just physically, but emotionally. It’s something he’s gonna live with forever, especially if the scar of (a) swastika doesn’t go away. Every time he looks in the mirror he’s gonna have that memory.”

We pray for Ms. Murrain, her son, and their family during this difficult time.

SOURCE: CNN/Sky Valley Chronicle | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout

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