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On this day in music history, R&B girl group TLC released one of their most successful albums to date.

Unbeknownst to T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye, their 1999 album Fanmail would be the last project they’d ever release together as a trio (Left Eye died months before the release of 3D). 

It seems like yesterday when millions of people (13 million to be exact) were singing “a scrub is a guy who think he’s fly, he’s also known as a…buster.” So in honor of the 15th anniversary of Fanmail, we decided to return to the days of when “scrubs” were thriving and their best friends were driving.

During their career, TLC taught women so many things about life, love, and success. But the life lessons TLC taught young women in 1999 about deadbeat men are insurmountable .

Here are all the things TLC taught us about guys on their worst behavior:

1. A Scrub Is A Guy Who Thinks He’s Fly

2. Bad Guys Are Always Hanging Out On The Passenger Side

Of Their Best Friend’s Ride.

3. Their Game Is ALWAYS Weak

4. And Their Friends Constantly Cosign Their Bad Behavior

5. Their Primary Mode Of Transportation Is By Foot

6. They Live With Their Mothers

7. They Always Disrespect Their Significant Other

8. They’re Broke

9. They Have A Limited Vocabulary   

10. And of course, they’re just a waste of time.  

And ain’t nobody got time for that…word to Sweet Brown.

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