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If you had a signature Miss Dior handbag, what would you put in it?

Earlier this week we got our first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence in her third Dior campaign, and now we get to see her on set and behind the scenes getting her model on, Miss Dior bag in her clutches.

The bag has been a timeless staple for the fashion house, and Jennifer is a personal fan of its versatility, saying:

The Miss Dior bag is great because you can wear it casually or formally, which is great for me because I don’t like changing bags because I’m lazy so I can always keep it from the day I was wearing jeans to out in the evening when I’m wearing heels.

So, what exactly is the girl on fire toting around in her purse? Only the necessities: a wallet, phone, Chapstick and candy.

Even though she might think the inside of her bag is “boring,” she’s much better than we are–peek into any of our purses and you’d think we’d just bought out the whole beauty supply store.