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One of the best songs of 2013 popped up on the internet in October. It was an infectious pop single called “Don’t Wait,” sung by Swedish artist Mapei. It subsequently became one of the most talked about songs on the Internet.

Months later and “Don’t Wait” is still buzzing. And it’s only going to keep on growing now that Chicago’s Chance The Rapper hopped on the song’s official remix. A pop song like this could be tough for any regular ass rapper, but that’s not Chance: he slides and glides all throughout this song, doing his half rapping, half singing thing.

Chance The Rapper sounds good on anything, even some of the odder songs out there. He killed his appearance on Skrillex’s album, and he also put in work on James Blake’s “Life Round Here.”

Listen to the official “Don’t Wait (Remix)” above.