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Lack of diversity has been the fad in the fashion industry, but there’s a new trend that’s popping up on runways and in editorial campaigns. Betabrand, an online clothing site based in San Francisco, has been hip to the trend of using “real women” by employing their own customers as models, but for their latest campaign, they’re taking it up a notch.

“Fifteen fantastic new women’s items modeled by our ravishing roster of PhDs and doctoral candidates” reads the homepage of Betabrand’s spring collection.

Asha, who has her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford, is just one of seven women chosen to model the shirt-dresses, cigarette jeans, and popover shirts from the line that ranges in price from $79 to $178. She’s joined by neuropsychology, nuclear engineering and sociology candidates, as well as a woman who has her PhD in education.

And who says models aren’t smart? Meet some of the women below.