Lack of diversity has been the fad in the fashion industry, but there’s a new trend that’s popping up on runways and in editorial campaigns. Betabrand, an online clothing site based in San Francisco, has been hip to the trend of using “real women” by employing their own customers as models, but for their latest campaign, […]

Aaron LaCrate is never not working! Not only did the world famous DJ/Producer just have a successful collaborative shoe release with New Balance and Sneakersnstuff, he is already back with his Summer 2012 collection of Milkcrate Athletics.  Additionally he has released a mixtape collaboration with LA based clothing company XLarge. PHOTOS: Aaron Lacrate Lends His […]

After the much talked about controversary of Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards, Solange went in on her twittter account…supporting dude and telling everyone that it will all be ok… <a href=”” mce_href=””>Do You Agree With Solange?</a><span style=’font-size:9px;’ mce_style=’font-size:9px;’>(<a href=”” mce_href=””>opinion</a>)</span>