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Kanye West was in Austin, Texas to perform during the SXSW 2014 Festival, had a “secret show” with Jay Z (that everyone knew about), and he was even suppose to go to the GOOD Music Showcase as well.

As a huge fan of ‘Ye, you can imagine how bummed I was when I realized I’d be missing out on seeing Yeezy in that kind of setting – still, it’s rare that you get to sit down with a true living legend of Slash’s caliber and when you do, all other things must wait.

Besides, I heard all about ‘Ye’s first world problems, first hand a few months ago at the Garden and here was the opportunity to enter Slash’s world for the first time.

GlobalGrind got to sit down with the rockstar to discuss his Slashathon, a contest where computer geniuses are locked in a room all day and come up with different ideas for music apps.

Not to mention, it all happened a few blocks down the street from where the whole GOOD Music crew was performing so, yeah, I checked in early for a Kanye concert and ditched it before it even started… all to hang out with Slash and a bunch of computer geeks and it was the best decision I made in Austin.

As I hauled ass down the block through a sea of drunk music lovers all I thought about was something D-Nice said to me in an interview.

While talking about Heavy D, D – Nice said:

“Sometimes when you actually know legends, you don’t realize that they’re legends,” D Nice proclaims. “Especially in our business we meet so many people and we’re always on the go. We’re always moving and making things happen. You forget that these people you’re actually working with are on their way to being legends. We’ve all done some incredible things. I’m just learning to appreciate that more.”

I truly appreciated my chat with Slash; I learned so much from the legend. Slash’s Slashathon ended up creating 3 pretty cool apps, one called “Slash TV” where users can create their own music videos, “Pretune,” which automatically promotes your albums with fans, and finally “Crowdroar,” which is an app for Google Glass.

Slash also told us he’s a huge fan of The Walking Dead and that he would love to play a Zombie on the show. He talked about rocking out with Michael Jackson and that his biggest fear is when the lights go out while he’s performing on stage.

Check out the interview above, share it with your friends and let us know what you think. Kanye didn’t show so I only got to see that legend in the making on instagram.