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Is this some type of foreshadowing?

Shay Mitchell might be a Pretty Little Liar, but she wants us all to know she’s “no angel,” either. The actress was spotted leaving her Soho hotel yesterday afternoon, following the shocking season finale of ABC’s hit television show that ended with an almost literal cliffhanger.

We still have so many questions with answers that won’t be revealed until the show returns this summer, and since Tuesday, we’ve been trying to piece together any clues we might’ve gotten. So when we saw Shay in a crewneck sweatshirt from Beyonce’s e-store, the sleuth in us naturally thought this was a hint as to what might go down on PLL come June….Maybe Shay’s just part of the Beyhive, you say. You could be right, but we have a pretty active imagination and it’s more fun this way.

Get another look at Shay with her Celine bag in tow below.


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