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Will we ever hear another Clipse album again? It doesn’t seem like it.

Earlier in the year, rumors hit the ‘Net that a new Clipse album was on the way. Younger brother Pusha T played it pretty coy while No Malice (formally Malice) said he would be down for it, but only if it glorified “God.” (And, really, what kind of Clipse album is that?)

Now, No Malice has taken a firmer stance. While in SXSW, Christian rap blog RapZilla caught up with No Malice. When asked about a Clipse album, No Malice laid it down:

“I don’t do that music anymore. I don’t know why people keep asking me…I’m not doing another Clipse album, be very clear.”

Sigh. At least No Malice is at peace. Check out the full interview above.

SOURCE: RapZilla, RealTalkNY

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