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There are more green advocates in the hip-hop community than you think.

With Common, Ludacris, and even Jay Z partaking in green lifestyle, there’s one producer who especially loves to share vital information with his loyal fans.

Meet Chase N. Cashe. The rapper-producer is responsible for many hits from some of your favorite artists, including Lil Wayne, The Pussycat Dolls, and Casey Veggies.

He has a very active Twitter account. He shares everything from his music to spiritual advice, and his undying love for J.Lo.

With the musician sharing his journey into the green world, here are some tips that will convince you in regard to green being the way to go.

1. Mangos are great for your skin and reduces the chances of cancer and high cholesterol. 

 3. Eating Green is cool, but being one is Mother Earth is even better. 

3. An apple a day can keep the doctor away. Apples are filled with soluble fibre, a special factor in reducing cravings of sugar. They’re also great for keeping a pearly white smile. 

4. Do a little research before you go shopping. With so many “healthy” products out there, you may pick up items that aren’t as healthy as you think.  

5. Taking the time out to listen to your truths, vices, and fears. They will help you become a more aware individual.

 6. Don’t hesitate to show off your green lifestyle to your friends. You never know who you’ll inspire!  

7. You don’t have to rule out breads or sauces. It’s all about balance.  

 8. Last but not least, do what makes you happy. A lot of people believe vegans and vegetarians are snooty and judgmental, which isn’t the case at all.  

Be sure to folow Chase on Twitter at @ChaseNCashe and check out his latest single here. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook, Instagram

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