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You know the old adage — only old people and babies tell the honest truth.

So when we examined the cutest, most adorable photographs of President Obama holding babies, talking to young children and overall just being the cute kid magnet he is, it dawned on us…

He actually is a really good guy. For starters, Richard Nixon refused to hold and kiss babies because he said it made him look like a “jerk.” And we all know a thing or two about Nixon’s demons. (For a history of politicians kissing…or not kissing babies, click here).

So there’s that.

But then there’s this. Kids aren’t known for their filters. Take this one for example:

So while looking at 44 pictures of kids flocking towards our 44th president, remember one thing. Babies and kids don’t lie. And they can spot a fraud from a mile away.

Now sit here and enjoy the White House adorableness we’ve rounded up for you:

PHOTO CREDIT: White House Flickr, Getty

Every Picture Of President Obama & Adorable Kids That You Need To See Now (PHOTOS)
44 photos

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