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Want to know what people really think about you? Well, go undercover in an awkward disguise, because that’s what Drake did.

In a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News,” the “Days In The East” rapper wanted to find out what people really thought about him so he dressed in a disguise and hit Hollywood boulevard for “I Witness News.” Equipped with a Duck Dynasty-esque beard, an odd wig, and glasses, Drake stopped random people on the street to ask about himself.

Some people had nothing nice to say about Drake, while others gave the Canadian rapper props. One lucky kid who spoke very highly of Drake didn’t realize he was speaking to the “Trophies” rapper until he ripped off his disguise.

When he’s not booed up with Bajan pop star Rihanna, Drake is rehearsing for his hosting gig for this year’s ESPY awards. Olympian Lolo Jones had a few choice words to say about Drake’s upcoming hosting gig.

You mad girl? Watch the hilarious video of Drake undercover above.

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