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Has Nicki Minaj ever been a man’s mistress before?

While doing a promo run for her movie The Other Woman – which hits theaters this Friday – YMCMB’s curviest member sat down with Lance Bass for Entertainment Tonight and talked all about whether or not she’s ever found herself playing number two.

Though the “Chi-Raq” rapper has spit lyrics like “And bitches can’t find their man ’cause I ride it good,” she reassures us that no, that’s never been her role. And personally, we believe her – if you got Nicki, what other woman could you possibly want?

The head Barb in charge also dished on the recent RHOA fight between Porsha Williams and her rival Kenya Moore. Nicki admits that if she were in Porsha’s shoes, she probably would’ve reacted similarly.

She told Lance:

“You know what? Let me say this: Being that I do love Kenya [smiles]… if it was someone else and not Kenya, I would’ve said ‘Oh she got what was coming to her’ cause she definitely provoked Porsha. I wouldn’t have sat there and let nobody do that to me. Like, the scepter and the… what is the thing called? The blowhorn. Whatever the hell, whatever it’s called, but I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Somebody would’ve had to get knocked upside their head. But I think Kenya… she’s very smart and she makes chess moves, and she knows how to get under people’s skin. And if Porsha knew better, then she wouldn’t let people rile her up as quickly. I mean, I think it’s a learning experience. I’ve gone through my fair share of feeling ‘Oh my God, I let somebody get under my skin’ so I think that they’re both just women, you know, regular women trying to find themselves on reality tv. That must not be an easy task.”

Check out Nicki’s response to whether or not she’s ever been the other woman via the clip above and see the rest of her comment on the RHOA brawl below.

Just for kicks, you can also catch part of Marlon Wayans’ sit-down with Arsenio Hall below, as he reenacts the RHOA fight and talks about the Mimi Faust sex tape and penis size.

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