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Oh goodness, Saturday Night Live, you’ve done it again!

Anytime something controversial happens in the media, we can always expect it turn into SNL’s next skit, and Donald Sterling‘s lifetime ban from the NBA is no different.

Last night, the sketch comedy show mocked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s press conference, where it was announced that the L.A. Clippers owner was banned, effective immediately, but SNL took things a step further and had Donald speak out after.

Even though Sterling is depicted as somewhat of a good guy in the situation, he ends up making himself look much worse in the end.

Meanwhile, in real life, Donald Sterling is apparently trying to pull the “I have black friends” card with the public, but is having trouble getting any black people on board.

TMZ reports:

Sources connected to Sterling tell us … the disgraced L.A. Clippers owner has reached out to several people he considers friends — hoping they will vouch for him as a not-racist person. 

We’re told one of the people he reached out to is an African-American basketball player — who respectfully declined Sterling’s request … along with everyone else Donald reached out to. 

Can we even blame them?

Sterling’s former girlfriend, V. Stiviano, has been keeping quiet (until this past week when she did an interview with Barbara Walters), so much so that she doesn’t even want to be seen as has been wearing a visor when in public to hide her face.

It turns out, her new fashion habit may be good for companies who sell them, since apparently sales have gone through the roof since she’s been seen with them on.

TMZ explains:

We spoke with a company who sells the colored visors online … and the guy who runs it says sales are SOARING following the drama surrounding Donald Sterling‘s racist rant.

The company went from selling around 5 a day, to at least 100 … with red and blue selling the most — the same colors V’s been sporting around town.

Back at the Clippers games, Donald Sterling’s estranged wife Rochelle has been seen attending the playoff games this week, despite the fact that her husband isn’t allowed near one.

Rochelle Sterling was giving high fives to Clippers fans, and intensely keeping her focus on the hardcore game as she made sure to flaunt the NBA freedom she has that her husband doesn’t.

Check out the picture and SNL skit above.


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