The Daily Grind Video

Homie, this shit is basic. Welcome to graduation.

You knew better than to schedule all of those morning classes, but somehow you managed to make it through four years of dragging yourself out of bed and into a desk–even if you did rush out of the house in the same sweats you slept in the night before. You survived a four-year diet of Red Bull and Starbucks, and now it’s time to celebrate because you, my friend, are a champion. We just want you to know, we know how you’re feeling.

And so does Kanye West–he’s got a whole album dedicated to it. (Granted, he never actually graduated, but still.) So, here are all the emotions you’ll have on your big day, as told by the College Dropout himself….


Because your excitement didn’t allow you to get a single wink of sleep. Either that or you were up all night drinking. Whose idea was it to schedule the ceremony this early anyway?


It finally hits you: This is the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally here.


When you watch your friends walk across the stage as your cheer them on from the crowd.


When you realize how long the ceremony is. And you have to sit through all of it.


You’re up next, and you keep telling yourself not to trip once you get on stage. Because, embarrassing!


Did the announcer just mispronounce your name? Of course he did.


Don’t trip. Don’t trip. Shit. You tripped. In front of EVERYONE.


Do you wave at your parents in the audience? Flash ’em a big grin? Or just continue to play it cool? That last one. Do that.


When you hear everyone cheering you on–but you’re still playing it cool on the outside.


Because at least you only tripped once. It totally could’ve been worse.


You did it. You got that degree, and you’re ready to leave college behind for the “real world.”

And make that real post-grad money.

Congrats, grad!