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Folks, we made it; it’s Friday. Not many people make it to the end of the week. So appreciate that you’re here.

Cherish this moment.

Your day is going good. And now we’re here to make it better.

Looking through Twitter earlier this morning, we saw the Vine you see above: a cat standing up, stretching up to its owner, and the owner picking it up and hugging it. The Vine made us smile, and we’re pretty sure it will make you smile as well.

So watch it, like, 10 times. (If you haven’t already watched it.)

OK…back now? Smiling? Good, so you’ll love the rest of this post. Scroll down to see 14 more Vines that will make your day better.


We knew Busta didn’t write that verse!

Just living the dream, folks. That’s all.

Nah, Roger Goodell is going to have to speak on this.


I ain’t gonna do it…

It will get the hang of it soon. And when it does…run.

Think it’s happy?

Just a dog hopping in some grass. 

One step closer to world domination.

One MORE step closer to world domination.

Mom…you are appreciated


The countdown to summer. Is. On.

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