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On Monday afternoon, the NBA charged Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, with damaging the league and its teams through racist comments heard on tape.

The charges begin the process of ousting Sterling as the owner of the team. His hearing is planned for June 3. Sterling, who was banned for life from the NBA, has until May 27 to respond to the charge and the right to appear at the hearing and make a presentation in front of the board of governors.

Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, the chairman of the board, will preside over the hearing, which is planned for two days before the start of the NBA Finals. If three-fourths of the owners vote to sustain the charge, Sterling will be forced to sell the team he has owned since 1981.

(Commissioner Adam) Silver has said he is confident he has the votes.

Here is the official NBA press release announcing Sterling’s charges:

According to the Associated Press, if the disgraced owner does not respond to the charge within five business days, or appear at the hearing, it would be deemed an admission of the “total validity of the charges as presented,” according to the constitution.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.


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