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Time to pop open a bottle of red wine!

Chrissy Teigen, our best friend in our head and swimsuit model is having a major moment. Scratch that–more like major year. She kicked off 2014 by baring her booty on the cover of Sports Illustrated before getting down and dirty for Cosmopolitan, and now, she’s got herself a new gig as the face of XOXO’s fall ad campaign.

Modeling the line’s latest collection of clothing, shoes and handbags, she’s all covered up for this one. And even though her claim to fame might be from being on the front page of a magazine geared toward men, this new role of hers is all for the ladies:

“Being in Sports Illustrated and a swimsuit model, it’s interesting because people assume that men love you and want to look at you and ogle you, but I’ve always had a strong female fan base and I’ve always really loved my girls,” she explained to WWD. I’ve always felt like the oddball with the sexy models, because I never have thought of myself as sexy.”

We beg to differ.

Before the campaign launches this August, check out some behind-the-scenes shots down below.


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