Jay Z and Beyonce have lunch at Crossroads in West Hollywood

Jay Z will get back to you whenever he feels like it.

That much is obvious, as the 44-year-old business mogul and rapper is making headlines for trying to get out of an impending deposition. By what means? Well, Hov is very busy.

According to TMZ, the guy who is suing Jay for $7 million – claiming that he designed the Roc-A-Fella logo back in 1995 – wants Blue Ivy’s dad to sit for a deposition next month. But Jay’s lawyers say that’s just not plausible because of his schedule.

TMZ reports:

Jay Z‘s the hardest working man in show biz … so claim his lawyers, who say the rapper has such a “grueling” work schedule he can’t possibly make time for what they say is a ridiculous lawsuit.


Jay’s lawyers say in legal docs the depo is trivial and way less important than all the other things he’s got going on.  The attorneys describe their client as “one of the most prolific and hardest-working businessmen and recording artists in the world.” 

Of course, Hov has an 18-city tour with his wife Beyonce to get ready for, which his lawyers were also sure to note:

The lawyers say Jay’s 18-city North American tour with Beyonce must take priority over a stupid lawsuit, adding “preparing a stadium tour is a non-stop effort.”

If a busy schedule gets you out of a deposition, then the plaintiff may not see Hov within the next decade. 


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