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Let us tell you a thing or two about trans advocate and writer Janet Mock.

She’s beautiful, she doesn’t take shit from anybody (hear that, Piers Morgan), and we can’t put down her book Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More, a detailed journey of womanhood through the context of racism, sexism, discrimination, and transphobia.

And fabulous hair aside, we’re forever grateful for her work, her voice and her bravery — three things Mock has given so selflessly that have no doubt created a safe space and visibility for the LGBT community, queer women, transgender issues and women of color…period.

So it’s only right that Mock, an inspiration to so many in real life, is killing the social media game too. Her Twitter is fire, but more importantly, her Instagram makes us feel like we’re really her best friend.

Well, best friend in our heads. We seriously don’t want to sit down with a huge glass of Pinot Noir and watch Scandal with anybody else.

Here are 20 reasons you should be following Mock on Instagram. (And obviously, you should already be following her in real life.)

Because she has the best selfie game…ever:

Because she supports and uplifts her friends (No L&HH drama over here):

Because she deserves a daily post on the popular natural hair handle @CurlBox:

(The hair envy is real!)

Because she’s reaching ALL OF THE generations: 

Because her activism as a transwoman INCLUDES activism for black women PERIOD: 

Because she is definitely about that Olivia Pope wine life:

Because she’s down to earth, humble, and excited to see her book in stores:

(We’d be freaking out too.)

And she gets just as excited to be on television (and brave enough to face the shitty media pundits who challenge her truth):

Did we mention hair?

Because she lets us know it’s OK to drink wine and watch Beyonce obsessively:


Did we mention she likes Ryan Gosling?

Because you do not want to miss THE HAIR!! 

Because this is so picture perfect and breaking all the ideas about what love is “supposed” to look like:

Because she is bound to give you all the doses of powerful “sheroes” you need:

Because her cockapoo Cleo is everything:

Because she girl crushes on our favorite girl crushes:

Because she understands the “don’t touch my hair” struggle:

Even though we still ache to:

And lastly, she’s not afraid to share her story, no matter how personal:

We celebrate Janet Mock and all the girls just like her.


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