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Before leather jogging pants (*side-eyes Hedi Slimane*), Kanye West was pretty much the proprietor of the pink polo. Now his jackets are Margiela, but back then, he wanted us all to know that what he had on was Ralph, though.

BYE (Before Yeezus Era), the hip-hop community coveted ‘Ye’s preppy apparel and headed to their local department store to copy his steez. Now, a brand called Bandulu is attempting to bring it back–sort of–with a revival of one very iconic piece of Mr. West’s wardrobe (that no one really wants…).

You can spend “$400 bucks on this, just to be like, you ain’t up on this.” This being a $400 replica of his mustard-stained polo from his 2004 “All Falls Down” video. Allow us to reiterate: $400. For a replica. A Polo with a big yellow stain that’s inspired by the one Yeezy wore when a kid with a full bottle of mustard squirted on him as he ran through the airport.

Or, you can just spend $85 on a clean Polo of your own, get yourself a hot dog with mustard and all the other fixings for a few bucks, and also some napkins to help keep your shirt clean, because walking around with a dirty shirt is not a good look. Even if it is hand-embroidered.

SOURCE: Four Pins

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