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West Coast rapper and producer Tyler, the Creator has become known for his comedic antics and generally flippant interviews, but on online web-series Larry King Now, some of his maturity shone through. Of course, that didn’t stop Tyler from putting his feet on the table and giving a special shout-out to Jennifer Lawrence.

Since his debut album Goblin in 2011, the multi-talented artist has expanded his enterprises. His Odd Future clothing brand has had great success, and he landed a comedy show on Adult Swim, Loiter Squad, that’s been running since 2012.

In the interview, the constantly outspoken artist reveals much more about his artistic vision and his personal life. Tyler expressed his frustration with being labeled as only a rapper: “I’m much more than that. I like making stuff, and rhyming words together in a rhythm is just one of those things,” he said.

Always sure not to take himself too seriously, when asked if he considers himself a “Renaissance Man,” Tyler replies half-chuckling, “I don’t know if that– ok.”

Watch the odd duo of Tyler and Larry King chop it up in the video above.


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