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Ladies and gentleman, meet “new America.”

“New America” obviously doesn’t exist, but we like the way liberal rhetoric sounds, and although today’s youth are suspected to be lost souls, there are a few who give us hope.

Meet MattyB.

He’s an adorable 11-year-old from the “A” who became a viral sensation yesterday when a Vine of his “Kidz Bop” version of Chris Brown’s woman-hating club anthem “Loyal” was being passed around the ‘net like wildfire. Unbeknownst to #BlackTwitter, MattyB has been doing hip-hop covers for a long time and they’re pretty awesome (and for kids obviously).

Don’t get it twisted, this blue-eyed doll face has a legitimate music career, touring around the country making young children scream the lyrics to his kid-friendly rhymes. Matter of fact, he has a show this Friday (June 13) in Atlanta, and then a show at San Diego’s House Of Blues on Saturday.

Since all of you couldn’t get enough of Matty’s “Loyal” vine, we decided to round up his best hip-hop kids covers. Also, check out the full video of “Loyal” above.


Guess who “Runs This Town?” MattyB and his dime piece.

Guess who loves thrifting and looks super adorable playing dress up?

MattyB is definitely #TeamMacklemore with this cover of “Thrift Shop.”

Oh, and we can’t mention…

…his Macklemore cover without adding in his “Blurred Lines” cover.

Then there was that time when he dressed up like Justin Timberlake….

and rapped “Suit & Tie” while pretending to play pool.

And the time he re-enacted Outkast’s 2000 smash “Ms. Jackson” (he wasn’t even born yet)…

while hanging upside down in his love interest’s front yard.

MattyB even does pop covers…

and has piñata parties with his friends while singing Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”

BUT we saved the best video for last…

Matty B’s version of Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 classic “Juicy.”


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