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Though it’s going to be a while before you get to see Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez dive into the world of animated film, DreamWorks understands your struggle.

The animation giants have finally released a first look at their upcoming film Home, which follows friendly aliens who decide to hide out on earth from their enemies. After one of the aliens mistakenly makes his whereabouts known to the enemy, he’s forced to hit the road with a teen girl he’s befriended. The unlikely pair become pals and set out on a hilarious adventure together.

The animated movie boasts an all-star cast, including Jim Parsons, J.Lo, Rihanna, and Steve Martin, and aims to appeal to the whole family, mom and dad included.

And we know RiRi is all about family lately – the bad gal posted pics of her new adorable little niece earlier this week – and now she’s adding even more to the collection.

Check out the trailer above and more pics of RiRi’s little gal in the gallery below.


AuntyOhNaNa! Rihanna Kicks It With Her Niece & Nephew (PHOTOS)
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