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There are some fashion trends that can’t go unnoticed, and this is definitely one of them.

Silver Jeans Co. has announced the release of Joga Jeans, an unexpected marriage between yoga pants and denim jeans. It may seem like we’ve heard of a similar design when “jeggings” first came out, but these are different. The company promises comfort and a lot of double takes on the street.

There’s no doubt these pants will catch a couple of stares, though we’re not sure if it’ll be for the right reasons.

Silver Jeans Co. says Joga Jeans are made with an innovative fabric that is woven like traditional jeans but moves and stretches with the shape of the body. The pant styles have all the company’s signature denim washes and trims. While they might feel a lot like a pair of yoga pants, they don’t look too off from a regular pair of jeans.

The pants will run for about $78 to $88. And luckily for the men out there, Joga Jeans have male styles as well. If you’re too eager to wait for their release, you can pre-order a pair from the Silver Jeans site.

SOURCE: Racked | PHOTO CREDIT: Silver Jeans Co.

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