Happy International Day of Yoga! We spotlight WalkGood LA, an impactful non-profit organization in LA curating space for Black and Brown people. Read more inside.

After turning his own health around by way of yoga, Bell has been doing his best to get other Black men into the spiritual practice—and it's catching on.

Denver, Colorado is known as a go-to spot for many smokers due to the legal status of marijuana. However, when it comes to business and pot smoking, legal barriers can make things complicated. That might change thanks to one business trying to mix weed and wellness practices. Owners of the Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa […]

Bikram Choudhury, the founder of the hugely popular “hot yoga” practice done all over the world, is at the center of multiple claims of sexual assault and rape. The cases trace as far back as 2006 and include six women who trained with Choudhury through his program to become Bikram instructors. Like Bill Cosby’s sexual allegations, none have been brought […]

Meditation has always been an essential for those looking to combine the mind, body, and spirit, and now we are getting a deeper look into its history via the documentary of Yogananda. Filmmakers are bringing us a documentary on the Hindu Swami, who brought the West awareness to yoga and meditation during the 1920’s. Bonus footage from the […]

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley aren’t letting anything keep them from getting their fitness on, not even an impending due date and two very large baby bumps. The reality star best friends and their big ol’ bumps were spotted making their way to a yoga class at Denise Danielle Dance Studios. Even when they’re only heading […]

There are some fashion trends that can’t go unnoticed, and this is definitely one of them. Silver Jeans Co. has announced the release of Joga Jeans, an unexpected marriage between yoga pants and denim jeans. It may seem like we’ve heard of a similar design when “jeggings” first came out, but these are different. The […]

I created Tantris to be the ultimate destination for people that love yoga. Whether you’re like me, a devoted yogi, that has practiced everyday for over twenty years, or if you’re new to yoga and looking to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, the Tantris yoga brand is meant to accommodate. We will slowly grow […]

Lululemon has been the go-to for women’s activewear for quite some time now, but after a recall on see-through yoga pants earlier in the year, the company’s product quality has been called into question. Well, apparently, it’s not them – it’s you and your fat thighs. According to Lululemon’s founder Chip Wilson, the women complaining […]

In “kinda-racist-shit-white-people-do-that-they-claim-isn’t-racist” news, a yoga studio decided to host the most unusual class. A ghetto fabulous yoga session. No, they really did. According to Jezebel: Last week, the studio decided to mix it up and invite patrons to “come dressed in your favorite ghetto fabulous outfit, snap-back caps, corn rows, heavy lip liner or whatever you can […]

With the help of television network HBO, Russell Simmons is getting back to his roots as a television producer.  The TV and music mogul recently struck a deal and inked a two-year first-look partnership with HBO. He will create and develop projects for the network. Don’t get it twisted though – this isn’t his first […]