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Here’s a sight for sore eyes!

Meet Jeremy Meeks, the internet famous felon from Stockton, Ca. who has girls everywhere fawning over him.

Meeks was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton. The Stockton Police Department received a lot of attention after the bust, but not exactly for their arrest. Instead Facebook blew up in admiration of the blue-eyed bandit’s mugshot, garnering comments like:

“Hottttttt,” Melissa Stiles wrote.

“Omg come to mama,” Nicole Seba Lorena Elena commented.

“Holy [heck] i would arrest him too..hottest bad boy I’ve seen,” Ellie Abbey wrote.

“He can kidnap me anyday… Hold me against my will lol,” Jessica Gutierrez commented.

“Why is he breaking the law when he should be making millions modeling! Wowzas,” Tanya H. Thomas said.

Meeks’ mugshot got close to 50,000 likes and over 6,000 comments. And a Facebook fan page has already been created for the modelesque felon. Talk about becoming an overnight celebrity.

However, in an interview with a local station in Stockton, Meeks proclaims that he doesn’t want people to think he’s a ‘kingpin,’ and that he’s done things that he isn’t exactly proud of.

If you can’t get enough of Meeks you can check out the interview above. Spoiler alert: He’s already taken ladies! Oh…and there’s that whole felon bit that we can’t forget.


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