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As we all know, Stevie J’s life got a lot more complicated recently after he was arrested for owing more than a million dollars in back child support. Apparently, Stevie ain’t got no worries, though.

TMZ caught up with the Love & Hip-Hop: ATL star, his son, and his Puerto Rican princess on Tuesday night as they left Mr. Chow in L.A. and asked Stevie what was up with him not supporting his kids. Let’s just say the short Q&A segment that followed was nothing short of foolish.

Stevie opened up with:

“Man, I love my children man. You know what I’m saying? You know, I will be vindicated. I’m just happy that in L.A., enjoying L.A. with my beautiful wife, my son and his lady.”

In an effort to support his father, Stevie’s son used his footwear as a concrete argument that Stevie takes care of his kids, gesturing toward his Jordans.

Joseline Hernandez went on to drop this gem:

“Shout out to the baby mamas that be hating, you know what I’m saying? Hating on the kid though. You know, the kid takes care of the real kids. Ya’ll bitches know what’s up. Stop doing all that shit.”

Check out the video up top for the rest of the craziness. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.


Stevie J and Joseline Arriving At Mr. Chow! (PHOTOS)
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