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A new Miss Delaware was crowned on Thursday in Dover after the existing Miss Delaware, Amanda Longacre, got her crown snatched for being too old.

The Miss America website specifies that contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 24. Twenty-four-year-old Longacre won her title on June 14, but was disqualified because she will be 25-years-old in October.

A news release read during the crowning of the new Miss Delaware, Brittney Lewis, also 24, states:

“Following the Miss Delaware Pageant, it was determined that Amanda Longacre exceeded the age requirement in order to be eligible to compete therefore, the Miss Delaware 2014 title is awarded to Brittany Lewis,” the organization said in a release. “The Miss Delaware Pageant is proud to congratulate Brittany and wishes Amanda the very best on her future endeavors.”

Longacre says her birth certificate and driver’s license, along with her resume all bearing her birth date, were repeatedly submitted to the organization as she competed for Miss Pike Creek & then Miss Delaware.

“And it was verified with a director that I was eligible to compete, as long as I was 24 at the Miss America pageant,” said Longacre, who turns 25 on October 22, which is after the national pageant.

Longacre says Miss Delaware officials repeatedly approved her to compete in local and state competitions. She said they told her as long as she was 24 at the time of the Miss America competition in September, she was “verified to compete.”

“I competed on the local and state level and even signed my national contract and it was notarized and no one said anything to me and it was all notarized with my birthday on the contract,” she said. “I gave them all the proper documents.”

Not only is Longacre’s crown gone, but her $11,000 scholarship, from both local and state competitions, has been snatched away.

“They are making me forfeit everything,” she said. “It’s really humiliating because I did nothing wrong.”

Her attorney Mark Billion shared his comments with The News Journal, stating:

“We believe there’s a breach of contract here.” He went on to say, “What’s flabbergasting is that there are so many things they could have done that would have led to a far better outcome. She competed and did all this work and we feel she’s deserving of more than what she’s getting.”

Billion says he has made multiple attempts to contact local and state organizers and has received no response. He also says that the Miss America Organization hasn’t sent Longacre anything officially stating that she is disqualified.

Talk about a superficial America.