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Two men in Chicago were held in lieu of $90,000 bail after they kidnapped a 15-year-old family member and beat him in their basement.

According to ABC News, the two men were punishing the boy for a whole week after misbehaving, and even doused him with buckets of ice water.

Police Department spokeswoman Janel Sedevic told the site:

“The victim was struck with a belt to various parts of his body and he was subjected to buckets of ice water being poured over his body and being bathed with a garden hose.”

The two men were identified as the 15-year-old’s father and God father, and other family members have come forward to say that they were teaching him a lesson since he had become involved in gang activity.

His cousin Diana Bermeo told WMAQ-TV:

“It started out with him being gang-affiliated and then the drugs and stuff,” she told WMAQ-TV. “My uncle, to protect him, he did what he could and to prevent him from going out at night and avoid him dying out in the street.”

The teen, who was handcuffed, managed to escape this past Monday, where he was taken to a hospital by authorities and released shortly later.


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